Founded on September 14, 1814, the General Society War of 1812 traces its origins to the huge collection of American militia companies which were called to meet the British thrust at Baltimore following the occupation of the National Capital. The State Societies hold meetings for their members and guests at which programs relating to the War of 1812 and intelligent patriotism are presented. Over the years the membership has been fortunate in attracting gentlemen of high calibre, intelligence and gracious demeanor. The General Society and its affiliated State Societies are sensitive to the high ideals espoused by our Founding Fathers and they feel the duty that ever vigilant defense of our nation and its Constitution entails.

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    2017 Bicentennial Roster

    Listing of All Approved Applications
    from 1894 to July 2015,
    including names of members,
    Society numbers, and name
    and state of service of
    War of 1812 ancestors
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    Hardcover:  366 + xix pages
    Publisher:  General Society of the War of 1812; Bicentennial Edition (July 2017)
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