General Society


Section 1 – The officers of the General Society shall consist of a President General; a Deputy President General who shall perform the duties of the President General in case of disability of the President General or of a vacancy in the office; such District Deputy Presidents General representing regions encompassing State Societies as authorized; a Vice President General for members-at-large; a Vice President General for public relations; a Vice President General for publications; a Vice President General for each State Society and who shall be nominated by his respective State Society; a Secretary General; a Treasurer General; a Registrar General; a Genealogist General; a Historian General; a Surgeon General; a Judge Advocate General and who shall be an attorney-at-law; a Chaplain General and who shall be a licensed ordained clergyman; a Marshal General; a Quartermaster General who shall acquire, store and sell merchandise for the general society and such additional general officers and assistant general officers as may be deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to add or discontinue any general officer titles. They shall be elected at the Triennial Meeting of the Society, by and from members in good standing, and shall serve until the next Triennial Meeting or until their successors are duly chosen.

The President General shall be ineligible for re-election after serving the full three-year term to which he has been elected. Completion of two years or less of the term of the previous President General wherein a vacancy occurred shall not render the incumbent ineligible for election to a full term of three years.

Section 2 – There shall be a Board of Directors consisting of all the officers of the General Society mentioned in Section 1 above, all Past Presidents General in good standing, emeritus officers, and a delegate from each State Society to be chosen in such manner as it may provide.

Section 3 – There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the President General; Immediate Past President General; Deputy President General; Vice President General for Publications; Secretary General; Treasurer General; Registrar General; Historian General; and Judge Advocate General.

Section 4 – The Board of Directors shall, except as otherwise provided in the Constitution and By-Laws, have all the powers of a board of directors of a business corporation. It shall supervise the affairs of the General Society and transact such other business as may come before it. On nomination of a State Society it may fill vacancies occurring between meetings of the General Society in the office of Vice President General for aforesaid State Society. On its own initiative it may fill vacancies occurring in any other office of the General Society, except as hereinbefore provided in the case of President General.

Section 5 – The Executive Committee shall have the powers of the Board of Directors between meetings of the Board. The proceedings of the Executive Committee shall be recorded and reported to the next meeting of the Board of Directors for ratification or change.

Section 6 – The General Society is the supreme governing body and can exercise all the powers of the Society except as restricted by this Constitution and By-Laws.